Support in the project phases

  • Identification of fire hazards: source of ignition and thermal load
  • Definition of fire protection objectives and acceptable risks
  • Implementation of fire protection plans and concepts

Support during construction work and operating phases

  • Quality assurance monitoring
  • Definition of organizational measures
  • Audits, identification of non-conformities and assessment of fire protection level
  • Proposals for improvement measures
  • Information sessions and training
  • Support according to needs (evacuation plans, procedures, etc.)

Effective and sustainable fire protection

must be integrated into all design projects (construction, renovation, change of use) and must be an integral part of the life cycle of the building within the meaning of the AEAI 2015 standard.

Our experts with a federal diploma, our specialists with a federal licence, and our fire protection safety officers, are able to handle fire protection quality insurance cases from levels 1 to 4.

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