Measurements of asbestos in air (VDI)

  • Installation of pumps for air measurements
  • With more than twenty high-quality measuring instruments, we are ready for any requirement
  • Simulation of room occupancy and installation according to VDI 3492

VDI Analysis Laboratory

  • Analyses according to VDI 3492 using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) combined with an X-ray spectrometer (EDX energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry)
  • Very fast results, simple and clear report
  • Notification of the laboratory the day before by telephone required

General information

  1. Measurement of asbestos in air (VDI)

    After any asbestos remediation work, before dismantling the confinements and returning the premises to the owners, the asbestos fibre load in the air must be checked. The concentration of asbestos in the air can also be measured when there is doubt about the contamination of an asbestos-containing room.

    In any case, it must be ensured that this asbestos load does not exceed 1,000 RAF (Respirable Asbestos Fibre) per m³ in the air.

  2. VDI Analysis Laboratory

    In order to better meet the requirements of standards and specialized companies, HSE Conseils SA has chosen to create its own laboratories for the analysis of asbestos in air samples.

    Since 2015, eight trained analysts, in two laboratories, have been using their experience to give you precise and very rapid results.

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