A site safety support service

  • Coordination of the safety of your building sites
  • Establishment and implementation of safety concepts
  • Validation of EHS (Environment Health, and Safety Plan)
  • Worker and stakeholder training
  • Inspection visit and proposal of improvement measures

Safety support in the company

  • Definition of safety policy and corporate objectives
  • Identification of specific hazards and risk assessment
  • Implementation of specific concepts, procedures and instructions
  • Information sessions and training
  • Audits, identification of non-conformities
  • Proposal of improvement measures and action plans

MSST Safety

By law, the employer is required to take all necessary measures to prevent occupational accidents and diseases. He or she is responsible for the health and safety of his or her employees.

On construction sites, safety and protective measures must be planned and coordinated during the execution of construction work in accordance with the Ordinance on Accident Prevention (OPA).

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