Partner companies

  • For these services, HSE Conseils SA works in partnership with GVM Assainissements Sàrl, the specialists for these problems in French-speaking Switzerland.

Odour treatment

Identification of recurrent odour problems (cigarettes, animals, fires, etc.), treatment of vehicles, premises and goods with ozone.

Diagnosis and treatment of mould in the home

Preparation of expert reports with analyses. Mould remediation according to the recommendations of the FOPH and the latest international knowledge.

General information

  1. GVM Assainissement Sàrl

    is a company which came into being when specialists in special building sanitation, toxicology and microbiology, joined forces. GVM offers its expertise in the identification and treatment of mould and odours in premises, homes and vehicles. GVM implements the best current tools and know-how to serve its clients to identify and eliminate contamination at source. Rather than proposing superficial cleaning or odour masking, GVM makes it a point of honour to identify and understand the sources of contamination in order to ensure a sustainable remediation of the problem.

  2. General information about mould

    The term mould refers to microscopic fungi that spread exclusively in water. It is therefore the presence of humidity that causes the development of moulds inside buildings. Their presence can cause deterioration of materials (wood, metals, insulation, etc.) and reduces the value of a building.

    Mould also affects health, as the source of allergies, as well as skin, eye and respiratory irritations.

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